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Prudent is all about your career. We believe that your career is way more significant than the work itself. Although you’re not actively trying to find a job, Prudent can help you manage your career.

A traditional job search is a method. At Prudent Jobs, we provide you the following:

Yes, you would like a legitimate email id to register on Prudent Jobs. An equivalent email id is used to communicate with you within the future. We value your privacy, and that we hate to spam the maximum amount as you are doing. We aren’t getting to spam or sell your email address to any third party. We still need your email account to be ready to provide you together with your Job-related information or for the other career-related notifications you’ll choose.

Explore Jobs

As our system works for you and finds you the matched positions for your skills and preferences, you’ll also use the search functions to look for jobs. To look at careers, use the search bar at the highest. If the search jobs throw many jobs, you’ll precise your search by using the advanced search option.

Log In / Home

Reach the candidate Login by entering your Login and password in the site header or by clicking on Login in the homepage header’s top navigation bar and entering your username (email id) and password.
You need to see your username and password if you’re unable to log in to your Account. Please visit your email id and appearance for the welcome mail received from Team Shine.
If you’re unable to trace the welcome mail received from Team Prudent and do not remember your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link below the login box. It’ll prompt you to enter your username (email id). a replacement password will be sent to you on your email id.

Maintain My Profile

You can Edit Edit/Update your Profile by following these steps.

1) The First log in to your Account Using your verified Email ID and Password.

2) Then attend the “My Profile” page.

3) There, you’ll edit your profile by clicking on the “Edit” link against each Parameter.

To Upload a replacement Resume or to vary your Old resume, click on my Profile section where at the bottom right of the page, you’ll find the “Resume Tab,” where you’ll find the choices of Upload New Resume/Delete Resume/Change Default.

To add another educational qualification, select the qualification, specialization, institute, course type, and press increase list. Press the save button to save lots of the changes to your profile

Job Matches

You can set your profile under the Account Details by clicking on the “General” tab of “My Profile.” you’ve got the following two options for your profile status:

Job matching is different from Job search because it isn’t based just on keyword searches.

Job Matching happens on a comprehensive matching engine built on AI. This engine provides you with a moment, and reciprocal match supported the degree of relevance between your profile and preferences on one hand and job requirements on the opposite hand.

Also, you get employers to post true-time updates on matched jobs as more and more jobs.

I am being asked some questions before I can complete my application to a job match. Why is it so?

The recruiter has requested an answer to those questions as a part of his job requirement. Hence you would like to supply solutions to those questions if you would like to use them for this job.

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