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Job title: Sales Architect, Healthcare

Company: TEEMA

Job description: Job Title: Sales Architect, Healthcare
Job ID: 68962
Location: Vancouver, British ColumbiaOverview:
In this role, you will collaborate with a dynamic sales team to develop and execute an annual sales strategy, including defining and achieving an annual sales quota. Your success will hinge on your ability to identify new relationship opportunities through your knowledge of current and emerging trends in Architectural Sales within the Healthcare sector.What you will be doing:Relationship Building: Create and maintain lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect with clients and internal teams.Strategic Selling: Engage in relations-based selling to identify and build strategic relationships, uncover business opportunities, analyze customer needs, and close sales.Collaboration: Work closely with the Company team, including Project Managers, Sales, Operations, and Site Technicians, to secure new project development and manage resources to ensure the successful completion of each project’s goals.Business Development: Support the growth of Company Construction by identifying and developing new business opportunities in the healthcare sector.Developing ContactsYou will demonstrate a consistent and enthusiastic approach to developing contacts, meeting potential new prospects, and networking with customers and acquaintances with a focus on business development. By actively listening and asking insightful questions, you will seek to understand customer needs, objectives, timelines, budgets, and potential tradeoffs. This understanding will enable you to provide valuable information or connections to other resources, thereby helping to build and strengthen business relationships.CorrespondenceYou will respond promptly, thoroughly, and professionally to all inquiries and communications from customers, prospects, and the company. Ensuring accuracy in all information provided, you will consult with internal experts as needed. When corresponding with customers, you will tailor your communication to each individual, demonstrating an understanding of their unique needs and their relationship with the company.A&D CommunityYou will foster relationships within the Architecture & Design (A&D) community, influencing them to promote Company services and provide referrals. Key responsibilities include:Visibility and Accessibility: Always be visible and accessible to the A&D community.Business Strategy Execution: Execute Company’s business strategy within the A&D community to maximize sales.Feedback and Information Sharing: Provide feedback and competitive information to the sales manager and team.Liaison Role: Act as a liaison between A&D, customers, and supplier partners.Revenue Increase: Conduct calls and visits independently or with manufacturer representatives to increase revenue.Regular Presentations: Regularly present Falk and Haworth using tools such as case studies, project presentations, and other available assets.Communication and Idea Generation: Foster communication and generate new ideas.Needs Assessment: Determine customer needs, requirements, and potential opportunities.Product Training: Coordinate and conduct product training for the A&D community.Sales Opportunities: Work with the sales team to identify sales opportunities within the A&D sales channel for all products.Knowledge Presentation: Present product and company knowledge using various communication methods; continually maintain knowledge of customer’s business issues, market dynamics, Company’s vision, the competition, and sales strategy.Trade Shows and Events: Assist in planning and coordinating Company trade shows and events; represent Company at trade shows and events as needed.Event Promotion: Assist in driving attendance to key promotional events sponsored by Company.Corporate Community:
Foster relationships with the ultimate goal of identifying and closing projects within the corporate community in the Greater Vancouver Region. Key responsibilities include:Lead Generation: Generate leads and opportunities through professional contacts, dedicated prospecting, and cold calling.Sales Opportunities: Collaborate with the sales team to identify sales opportunities across all product channels.Customer Needs Assessment: Determine customer needs, requirements, and potential opportunities; present company products and knowledge using various communication methods.Market and Customer Knowledge: Continually maintain an understanding of customer business issues, market dynamics, Company’s vision, competition, and sales strategy.Client Understanding: Learn and appreciate the needs of clients from the C-level to facilities and IT.HealthCare CommunityIdentify and foster potential relationships with project facilitators, project managers, and key people that have high levels of influence or decision-making authority, influencing them to purchase Company products and services.ManufacturersBuild relationships with Falk reps influencing them to promote Innovior services and provide referrals.Quotes, RFQ’s & RFP’sBuild opportunities that will create a competitive advantage in pre-competitive ID plan criteria and match Company product required.Steer the process of proposal and RFP development and work with the sales and administration teams to further evolve the preparation and presentation development.Address incoming tenders for go/no-go decision. Decisions are to be made together with the sales manager.Lead QualificationOnce leads are identified this position is then responsible for qualifying the leads based on the four keys (budget, decision-makers, timeline, and key fit).Sales PipelineProactively manage prescribed sales pipeline containing leads and continually qualifies and adds qualified leads on a daily basis.CRMTracks all relevant sales activity with prospective customers using Company’s internal CRM software, including calls, prospect pipeline, account notes, and proposals. All projects to be addressed and updated on a weekly basis.Networking EventsMaximize market presence for the company through attendance at select industry events to connect with prospective customers and raise awareness of company’s business model, approach, type of work, industry, and digital construction to build better.Product KnowledgeMaintain in depth product knowledge of all Company solutions.Continually study and learn the latest enhancements and features of products.Develops skillset to be fully capable of running presentations knowledgeably and with the best impact.Participate in training programs over the web, in person at Company, or in specified locations.Continue to hone abilities and knowledge, including:Competitions product and cost basPresentations of designs and general Falk and Haworth presentationsCompetitorsStay well informed of competitor activity.Site ToursParticipate in site tours for prospective clients at completed customer project sites.TeamBuild supportive working relationships with all members of the team, effectively communicating directions and customer needs; works with specific team members to deliver suitable products and service end to end while fostering a collaborative approach to troubleshooting.Work together with the sales team to develop new innovations and sales strategies with FalkbuiltReview design files with the project designer for accuracy and fit.MarketingContribute marketing feedback that would benefit company market growth.Develop and maintain upkeep of company presentation programs.ProjectsMaintain FULL knowledge of ALL aspects of ALL projects in the sales funnel at any given time.Understand the scope of work on-site and participate in on-site project meetings in order to guide the successful completion of projects.Meet with company project managers and designers on a weekly basis to determine lead times and priorities for ongoing projects.MeetingsResponsible for on-time attendance to all meetings with participation and attentiveness. All deliverables will be of consistently high quality and on time.Salary/Rate Range: $75,000 – $90,000For more information about TEEMA and to consider other career opportunities, please visit our website at

Expected salary: $75000 – 90000 per year

Location: Vancouver, BC

Job date: Wed, 12 Jun 2024 05:21:21 GMT

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