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Is Earning An Online MBA Worth It?

December 6, 2022 0 Comments

In today’s competitive living environment, going back to school is a popular option for working individuals to build their skill set and stay competitive to current employment and be more attractive to future employers. MBA is one of the most popular educational options especially for mid-career professions to be trained for more advanced leadership roles in various businesses and industries. Today, a number of accredited universities offer online MBA degree program, making an MBA not only more affordable but much more convenient also. The question is: Is earning an online MBA worth it?

Let look at some facts before you get an answer for the above question:

An online MBA degree won’t guarantee you a great job and salary, but the odds of increasing your earnings will increase after earning your MBA degree. Many companies have a salary scale based on educational background. According to the recent survey of financial workers based on skill, education and seniority levels found that Chief Financial Officers who get to the position without a degree have an average salary o $68,950, those with a bachelor degree earned $50,000 extra, which is $88,850, and MBAs at the position earned an average of $165,000. This shows that the Return of Investment (ROI) with an MBA degree is well worth it.

In the employer’s point of view, if the company has a managerial position available for internal promotion; there are a few candidates who are capable to fulfill the requirements of the position, and there are MBA among the candidates. Who do you think have a better chance to get promoted? Employer sees an MBA as a proven fact that the candidate has been trained for the knowledge and skill in leadership and advanced management job. Hence, an MBA will increase the competitive edge of an employee when come to job promotion which the suitable candidate needs to be selected among a group of employees.

Well, an MBA degree not only increases your competitive edge within your current employment. Along your career path, you may want to advance your career by applying a better job position in other companies. By holding an MBA degree, the odds of getting hire will increase when you compete with other candidates who are applying the same position.

Earning an online MBA is worth it if you are looking for opportunities to make a successful career in advanced level. But, enrolling in an online MBA program is not a decision to be taken lightly. Besides ensuring the online MBA program is offered by an accredited school, you must also enroll into an MBA with the right specialization which help the most in your career. During the process of studying, you need hard work, time and effort to complete the degree program.


As the fact shows that many online MBA graduates have used the degree to excel in workplace, gain promotion and achieve career success, earning an MBA degree is worth it as long as you are getting the degree from a positive reputation and properly accredited online school and your selected specialization was appropriate for the type of work you wanted to do.